Angry coach does a ‘Hulk’ after ref’s bad decision

“Don’t lose your shirt” is just an expression. But sometimes, like on Saturday night, Nelson Vivas goes berserk over a bad refereeing decision and decorum goes out the window.

The former Arsenal and Quilmes defender and current coach of Estudiantes was not happy when the referees didn’t call Bocas Juniors goalkeeper Agustin Rossi for a foul on Estudiantes attacker Juan Cavallaro. The conversation didn’t go well, Vivas went sent off … and then he completely lost it.

And then he completely lost his shirt:

Vivas is apoplectic to the point where one wonders if he’d ever seen a football match before. Bad decisions are part of the game, Nelson.

The Hulk jokes really write themselves here, but fans had another pop culture reference:

The match ended in a dull 0-0 draw, but thanks to Vivas, there’s at least one big highlight worth watching over and over again.