T-Team appeal six-point deduction

Malaysia Super League (MSL) side T-Team has filed an appeal after they were hit with a six-point fine for failing to register players.

T-Team and fellow MSL team Kelantan were hit with a six-point deduction earlier this week after failing to register players in time for the beginning of the current season.

They were among four teams punished by Football Malaysia Limited Liability Partnership (FMLLP), the company in charge of administrating football in Malaysia.

Responding to the charges, T-Team’s chief executive officer Aidin-Naim Mohamad Samsani told the New Straits Times that the appeal had been sent as soon as they received the notification from FMLLP.

Aidin-Naim said the payments regarding player registration had been delayed, but that they had all been settled late last month.

Premier League sides Armed Forces (ATM) and Perlis were also punished and docked six points.

The statement from FMLLP issued late last month said that, “There was a first letter sent on Jan. 27, along with a phone call from FMLLP, as a reminder to them.”

“A second letter and call was then conveyed to these teams to register through a football information management system before March 31,” it added.

The Malaysian season began back in January.

The deductions saw Kelantan drop from fifth place to seventh while T-Team fell from seventh place to eighth, but will not affect their participation in the Malaysia Cup, scheduled to begin in July.

According to FMLLP rules, teams must register documents including salary slips, and income tax records among other as part of the registration process.

Announcing the penalty, the FMLLP warned the four clubs that failure to comply with the registration process before the May 15 deadline would see them punished further, with sanctions including a transfer ban during the second transfer window, which begins at the end of May.

The teams could even be relegated should they fail to comply by Oct 31, the FMLLP warned.