Wenger: I don’t take it personally

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is facing increasing pressure to step down at the end of the season, but understands that fan frustration is not an attack on his character.

"I am like everybody – I prefer to be loved than hated but I can take a distance with that," Wenger told Norwegian television channel TV2, via Sky Sports.

"I know as well it is not the person itself, it is the fact the manager does not win the games. They want to win and I can make a difference in that.

"I don't take it too personally. In fact, I personally hate myself – the manager – more than anybody when I don't win the games. I am a very bad loser."

But the Frenchman wanted to remind everyone that despite all the doom and gloom the Gunners have still enjoyed some success during the later years of his reign.

"People want to win. If you don't win the championship, the FA Cup, the Champions League, it is absolutely disastrous," he continued.  "But if you look back in the last three years, we won the FA Cup twice and finished second, third and fourth. We are in the FA Cup final again."