Koscielny: Playing three in defence has helped


Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny has stated his belief that playing three at the back is the reason for the club's latest revival. 

After beating Middlesbrough 2-1 last week, the Gunners then went on to eliminate Manchester City from the FA Cup to book their spot with Chelsea in the May 27 final.

And, Koscielny believes playing three in defence has helped in returning their confidence and belief as they chase a Champions League spot.

"There was a tactical turnaround but we have been working on it for 15 days," the French defender was quoted by the Mirror

Arsene Wenger's men put in a much improved performance on Sunday, beating City 2-1 at Wembley.

"We are more solid. Commitment and determination also helped us to win because over the whole game, we played as a team and fought hard," he said.

He added that the win over City has improved their confidence following a number of hapless games.

"Before this game, we were in quite a dark period, we had lost confidence.

"This victory has allowed us to regain confidence and keep calm, even if not everything was perfect," he added.