Five talking points from Chelsea’s FA Cup win over Spurs


For once, a game that was billed as a classic actually turned out to be one.

Saturday’s FA Cup semi-final between Spurs and Chelsea was a classic. Packed with action and goals, it was a thrill-a-minute, edge-of-the-seat affair between two of the best teams in the Premier League that kept us entertained until the very last seconds.

Chelsea eventually triumphed 4-2 thanks to some stunning goals, but what can we take away from the game? FOX Sports Asia looks at some of the talking points.

Willian is a dead ball artist
You’ve got to hand it to Willian, he really can strike a dead ball. He showed exactly why he has a reputation as one of the best free-kick takers in football, with an exquisite effort that left Hugo Lloris grasping at thin air.

Upon closer examination, Lloris was probably expecting Willian to go for the near post instead of the far one, which adds to the quality of the strike.

He may be in and out of the Chelsea squad this season, but what better way to remind your coach of what you can do – and in only the fifth minute of the match. Class!

Moses did dive
Yes, Victor Moses did tumble theatrically to earn Chelsea’s penalty, but it was still a penalty. Looking at a replay you’ll see that there is not much contact between Son Heung-min and Moses, but the slide was so reckless that the Chelsea wing-back had to jump just to try and ride the challenge.

Moses could have probably stayed on his feet, but even so it was a penalty and the officials had no choice but to give it.

The Spurs attack is deadly
Just how good is the Spurs attack? Harry Kane’s goal was sublime, the in-form striker crouching to flick a near-post header into just about the only place he could have to score the first equaliser.

Then the second goal was even better. Christian Eriksen looked up, saw Dele Alli, pointing to where he wanted the ball delivered and then made that delivery, with an inch-perfect ball that you couldn’t have placed better. Alli then did the rest, surging between two Chelsea defenders to connect with a half-volley that sent the ball arrowing past Thibaut Courtois and into the top corner. An exquisite strike.

OK, so they were on the losing side, but what goals….

Hugo Lloris didn’t do too much wrong
It’s not very often that a goalkeeper plays well, but still has to pick the ball out of the net on four occasions, but that was the fate of Hugo Lloris at Wembley on Saturday.

OK, so he maybe could have done better for Willian’s free kick, but with so many bodies in front of him he didn’t see the ball until really late, which was the same problem with Eden Hazard’s third strike.

Penalties are a lottery, so no blame there, and as for Nemanja Matic’s strike. You could have had three goalkeeper’s between the sticks and it still would have found the top corner. A laser.
Hard luck, Hugo!

Son Heung-min is not a wing back
We understand why Son Heung-min is in the Spurs squad. He has had an excellent season, scoring goals for fun. That doesn’t mean he is superman though!

Winger doesn’t equal wing back!

Mauricio Pochettino is a great coach, but even the best make mistakes. And so it proved with the call to field Son out of position and as a wing back against Chelsea – it simply didn’t work. Chelsea’s second goal is Exhibit A.

At least Poch realised this and pulled Son off just after the hour in favour of Kyle Walker, but by then it was too later. Experiment failed, lesson learned!