Lazio’s Diaconale: Referee decisions favour Milan clubs

Lazio spokesperson Arturo Diaconale has hit out at Serie A officials, claiming recent decisions that went against his team betray bias towards the clubs from Milan.

With competition for European spots heating up as the season heads to a close, fourth-placed Lazio are looking over their shoulders at the likes of AC Milan and Internazionale who are only three and five points adrift, respectively.

“The officiating in Genoa-Lazio made us angry because, aside from the individual clear incidents, it seems incredible that they were unable to recognise two stonewall penalties,” Diaconale said in an interview with Lazio Style Radio.

“It makes me think that it’s because we are coming towards the end of the season. Lazio are in a strong position at the end of a good campaign and have a very good chance of getting back into Europe.

“What happened in Genoa feeds a climate of worry and suspicion for what could happen next. If this is the path we are on, the impression is that there could be attempts to condition this end of the season period to favour other teams.

“Perhaps someone has a vested interest in getting at least one of the Milanese clubs back into Europe. I don’t understand why we should have to pay the price for the Chinese clubs entering, with all due respect.

“I hope that the results in these final few weeks of the season are not affected. It has so far been a calm campaign that doesn’t need to be poisoned in the final matches," he added.

“Lazio are one of the few clubs who can boast their accounts are in order, so we have to underline this tendency to excessively criticise Lazio with prejudice that is difficult to remove.”