Bayern allege police attacked fans and file UEFA complaint

While the Champions League quarterfinal series between FC Bayern München and Real Madrid has made waves for controversy on the field, Bayern is taking action over problems off the field.

The Bavarians have filed a complaint to UEFA alleging that their fans faced excessive force from police inside Santiago Bernabeu.

The club alleges that during halftime of Tuesday’s Champions League match, “there were, in some cases, severe attacks by the Spanish police against Bayern Munich fans.”

“FC Bayern feels the actions of the Spanish police were completely uncalled for and excessive,” the statement said. “The club has already filed a complaint against UEFA’s action against the Spanish police. In addition, FC Bayern will request an explanation from the Spanish police about the events.”

During Tuesday’s 4-2 Real Madrid win, police with riot gear including masks, body armor and batons were seen entering the away supports section in Madrid and clashing with German fans. It is unclear what prompted the confrontation with police.

Before Tuesday’s match — which has drawn criticism for a number of incorrect calls from the officiating team — Madrid’s city hall said 1,800 police officers would be on-hand for the match to “ensure that the match is held normally and that security is reinforced in and outside the stadium.”