Williams: Everton targeting fifth place

Everton defender Ashley Williams has revealed that the club is aiming to claim a fifth-place finish in the Premier League this season.

The Toffees are seventh in the standings, after beating Burnley 3-1 on Saturday, and are only three points adrift of Manchester United, who currently occupy fifth position.

Williams admitted that it will be tough to break into the top five but also believes the Merseyside club are brimming with confidence.

“Getting into fifth is what we’re trying to do, obviously whether we achieve it or not depends on what the others do as well, but all we can do is look after our own games, and we’ve been doing that," he said, according to the Daily Star.

“We have a lot of confidence and are winning a lot of games. As the season has gone on I feel like without it being said we have realised we are a good team. Hopefully, we are starting to look like one of those teams.

“We want to push to try to be in that top group in the league, which is a difficult ask of anyone to break into that elite group.”