WATCH: Leicester fans clash with police in Madrid


Leicester City fans were caught clashing with police in Madrid on a video that spread around social media on Wednesday.

In the video the fans are seen hurling objects, lighting off smoke bombs and shouting insults about Spain ahead of the Champions League quarterfinal match between Leicester and Atletico Madrid.

The video can be seen below.

Warning: Strong language

This is the last thing anyone wants to see, especially just one day after Tuesday’s bombing incident in Dortmund. Of course, it’s not representative of the entire fanbase, but we’re seeing these types of clashes far too often.

Eight Leicester fans were reportedly detained by police for “public disorder” on Tuesday night in a major plaza in Madrid. It’s unclear if the incidents in the video are related or if they’re part of a separate incident.

What is clear is that even a handful of knuckleheads can take the shine off of what should be a great event.