11-year-old Marcus Rashford’s letter proves dreams can come true

Marcus Rashford seems to be living the life. At the young age of just 19, he is a regular in Manchester United’s matchday squad and his future looks like it can only get better from here.

But it didn’t happen by accident. As Rashford revealed on Monday, it was his childhood dream to play for Manchester United and he’s been chasing that dream since he was 11 years old.

The letter, in case you can’t see it clearly, says: “I hope that my future is very bright in and out of school, especially in my career as a footballer. I want to have a different lifestyle and make my family and others proud of me. I ONLY HAVE ONE AIM IN LIFE AND THAT IS TO BE A PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALLER, AND HOPEFULLY AT MANCHESTER UNITED.”

With more than 50 appearances in a Man United shirt, Rashford has done exactly that. It’s pretty impressive considering most of our 11-year-old selves were probably worrying more about ice cream than our careers.

The funniest part about it, of course, is that Rashford wasn’t 11 years old all that long ago. He’s only 19, and the version of the Manchester United kit he is wearing in his old photo feels familiar and fairly recent. Still, he’s come a long way in those eight years and he’s fulfilled his childhood dream. Not many can say that.