Monchi close to making Roma decision

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Former Sevilla sporting director Monchi has revealed that he is close to deciding whether or not to take up Roma's offer.

The Giallorossi have approached Monchi to join their project in Rome, and the Spaniard has admitted it is an attractive offer.

Monchi proved his worth at Sevilla with his shrewd dealings in the transfer market, regularly bringing in top quality players.

"I will not go to another Spanish team," the sporting director told El Larguero radio. "I cannot do this, because I am Sevillista and I will only look to go abroad.

"Roma? It’s the most concrete offer, for sure. But it’s not a done deal yet. I’m evaluating it a little bit more, they are waiting for me.

"I like the project at Roma. The final decision be soon: we are close.

"I have already been to Rome, as a visitor obviously, a long time ago. It is a beautiful city, I miss it a bit… The last time I was in Rome they scored six goals against us!"