Malaysian teams face threat of points deduction

Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim FA of Malaysia

Six Malaysian teams are facing a points deduction, if they fail to pay wages owed to their players by Friday.

Two clubs from the Malaysian Super League, plus another four from the Malaysian Premier League, owe a total in excess of $1million USD in salaries, income tax and pension funds.

The Football Malaysia Limited Liability Partnership have declined to publicly name the clubs, but they are aware of the tough punishments available.

The action comes just a week after Tunku Mahkota Johor [TMJ] was elected as the new Malaysian Football Association president and promised to get tough on finances.

“These six teams have until Friday to settle their outstanding amount. Otherwise, they will be docked points,” FMLLP CEO Kevin Ramalingam told The Star.

“The teams have been given ample time. And we have also constantly reminded them about the consequences of not settling the wages.

“We know some teams are facing financial constraints. To help them, we’re willing to accept scheduled payments to the players involved. We want these teams to work on settling their debts.

“I hope the teams can solve this problem and update us immediately to avoid sanctions.”

Two years ago, Pahang were docked six points for failing to pay one of their former players.