FIFA propose six-nation play-off for 2026

FIFA further expanded on their plans for the 2026 World Cup, in which they proposed a six-nation play-off for the final two places.

The current format sees a European play-off round to determine four spots, along with two intercontinental, two-legged ties for the last two vacancies.

The 2026 edition will see 48 teams battle it out for football's biggest prize for the first time, increased from the 32 FIFA implemented since France '98.

The new proposal will pit six countries together in a mini-tournament to be staged by the 2026 hosts as a test event in the November before the finals.


The World Cup would also be expanded by awarding each continent extra places.

Europe would get three extra guaranteed places (from 13 to 16)

Asia three-and-a-half (from 4.5 to 8)

Africa is set to be granted four more (from 5 to 9)

North America two-and-a-half (from 3.5 to 6)

South America one-and-a-half (from 4.5 to 6)

Oceania will now get one spot (from 0 or 1 to 1).

As for the six-nation play-off tournament, Europe are set to be the only nation excluded from it, with each of the other five continents having one participant and the host nation completing the roster.