Italy handed extra Champions League spot

Italy have received a boost ahead of the 2018/19 campaign with news that UEFA have rewarded the Serie A with an extra Champions League spot.

In the wake of the news, English Premier league clubs can breathe a sigh of relief knowing their qualification process remains the same – after fears, they may lose their fourth spot.

The decision to award spots to certain leagues are based on a points coefficients system established by the association – that is measured by success between the 2012/13 season to the 2016/17 season.

The following statement was released by UEFA: "Under the revised access lists for the revamped European club competitions from 2018, the top four nations in the association rankings will each receive four guaranteed places in the UEFA Champions League group stage while those countries ranked fifth and six gain two group berths plus a qualifying spot for the club finishing third.

"Spain, Germany, England and Italy are confirmed as the top four associations regardless of what happens in the quarter-finals and beyond of the two club competitions. 

"And despite ending last season in fifth place, Portugal have fallen outside the top six and with all their clubs now out of Europe will not be able to overtake France or Russia."