Top 10 most-followed sports stars on Instagram and Twitter

When it comes to the most-followed sports stars on Twitter and Instagram, football players dominate the rankings.

Most of them play for Spain’s two biggest clubs – Barcelona and Real Madrid.

The Calatan giant has four players in the top 10, while Los Blancos has two.

But when it comes to first spot, one name is way ahead of the rest – guess who?

Check out the 10 most followed sport stars on Twitter and Instagram.

10. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Twitter: 4.37m / Instagram: 23.2m (Combined: 27.5 million)

Carl XVII Guztaf

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Ibrahimovic may not post on his social media accounts every day, but when he does, it’s always memorable.

On the day the Swede signed for Manchester United, he was the one who made the announcement via his accounts.

While his Instagram posts are more frequent, he’s only written a few tweets since the beginning of the season.

However, every time he wins a new trophy, he posts a picture with a caption stating what number it is in his career.

9. Luis Suarez – Twitter: 8.85m / Instagram: 20.6m (Combined: 29.4 million)

Suarez’s social media accounts provide a snapshot into his personal life with an abundance of photos with his family as well as triumphant photos with Barcelona teammates.

But the Uruguayan caters to both his English and Spanish-speaking supporters. On Twitter he often tweets the same post in both languages.

His recent Instagram post that showed his daughter in a Liverpool shirt also drew a like from Steven Gerrard.

8. Andres Iniesta – Twitter: 15.3m / Instagram 16.6m (Combined 31.9 million)

Iniesta is a frequent user of social media and posts plenty of shots in action for Barcelona in training and matches, while also sharing personal moments with family, friends and teammates.

Given his status as one of the world’s best midfielders over the last decade, it’s not surprising to see him come in at number eight.

7. Ronaldinho – Twitter: 14.4m / Instagram: 20.8m (Combined 35.2 million)

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Ronaldinho may be retired from professional football, but his following is just as strong as ever.

The 36-year-old recently appointed Barcelona ambassador shares countless moments from his life on social media; whether its meeting sports stars, dignitaries, reliving football moments or videos with special messages.

6. Gareth Bale – Twitter: 11.3m / Instagram: 27.3m (Combined: 38.6 million)

Great character shown again, looking forward to getting back out there next week ??#halamadrid

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The Real Madrid superstar’s social media accounts ooze football.

Whether it’s celebrating a Los Blancos victory, sharing his achievements or tracking his recovery from an injury, the Welshman provides regular updates.

However, Adidas promotions also feature on his social media accounts.

5. James Rodriguez – Twitter: 12m / Instagram: 29.4m (Combined 41.4 million)


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The 25-year-old Colombian shares all the important moments from his career and personal life on his accounts.

He also doesn’t shy away from utilising the platforms to share promotions, but that has only driven his massive following.

4. LeBron James – Twitter: 34.5m / Instagram: 28.7m (Combined 63.2 million)

James may be the king of the NBA, but in the social media stakes he’s only the fourth best, and the only non-footballer in the top 10.

His use of emojis and varied posts makes for very colourful social media accounts.

3. Lionel Messi – Twitter: Zero / Instagram: 66.4 million

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Incredibly, Messi doesn’t have a Twitter account and only shares Barcelona-related Instagram posts infrequently.

His Instagram photos range from pictures with family, to posts with his dog, teammates and even toys – but fans would relish that insight into the Argentine superstar.

2. Neymar – Twitter: 27.7m / Instagram: 69.9m (Combined 97.6 million)

Toda honra e toda glória pra ti Deus .!! Nada é impossível para quem crê em ti ??

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Until 2015, the Barcelona star had the most followers on Instagram and Twitter.

However, being in second place behind Ronaldo is nothing to be scoffed at.

He frequently posts about everything to do with his life; from football to friends and family.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – Twitter: 50.6m / Instagram: 93.9m (Combined 144.5 million)


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There’s the top nine and then 50 million followers later there’s Ronaldo.

Given he’s arguably the best player on the planet and a four-time Ballon d’Or winner, it makes sense he has the most followers of any sports star.

He’s also not afraid to give everyone a closer look into his life.