Mourinho slams Ranieri sacking and ‘selfish’ Leicester players

Jose Mourinho did not mince his words when he was asked to comment about Claudio Ranieri’s sacking at Leicester on Friday.

The Manchester United manager arrived for his final EFL Cup press conference with the letters ‘CR’ boldly emblazoned on his shirt, clearly ready to speak his mind and stand up for his former colleague.

“My words are my shirt – with his name. My little homage to somebody who wrote the most beautiful history in the Premier League,” said Mourinho.

“Somebody who deserves the Leicester Stadium to be named Claudio Ranieri. And (yet) he’s sacked.

“It has everyone in football united, because it is something very, very difficult to accept.”

Mourinho said what happened to Ranieri has put his own firing at Chelsea last season into perspective.

“I thought last season, when I was sacked as a champion, I thought it was a giant, negative thing,” he said. “Now I realise that was peanuts compared with what happened to Claudio.”

The Portuguese saved a few choice words for some of the Leicester players, suggesting they were too concerned with their own careers and bank balances, and that they had not done enough to support their team and their manager following their dream league victory.

“The season started with the typical selfishness of others,” he said.

“People thinking about new contracts, people thinking about leaving, people thinking about more money. People forgetting who helped them reach a certain level.

“But there is something that nobody can do, and that’s to delete history.

“So no problem, Claudio,” he added. “Nobody can delete.”