Falcao: I almost chose baseball

AS Monaco captain Radamel Falcao has revealed that he almost pursued a career in baseball, before opting to commit himself to football instead.

The former Manchester United, Chelsea, and Atletico striker spent some of his childhood in Venezuela, which is where baseball was introduced to him.

Falcao enjoyed the sport and showed great potential, but at the age of 13 he opted to play football, after moving back to Colombia with his family.

"At the time we were in Venezuela and baseball is the biggest sport there. I played it and was competing at a very high level," Falcao told UEFA as he reflected on his childhood.

"My father realised that I'd have to make a decision and decided that we should go back to Colombia so that I could focus solely on football.

"It would have been more difficult to do that in Venezuela because I might have been tempted by baseball, which I liked and was able to play at the same time as football."

Falcao added: "I had big potential at the time because I became good at it very quickly and if I'd kept playing, I could've gone very far in the sport.

"But football runs in my blood and I did really want to play football."