Inzaghi bemoans dropped points

Simone Inzaghi, Lazio

Simone Inzaghi praised his Lazio side following their 1-1 draw with AC Milan before admitting the "game was there to be won".

Lazio had no problems putting six goals past the Serie A's bottom-side Pescara last week, but have struggled to take their chances on more than one occasion this season.

And Inzaghi, whose side currently occupy sixth on the standings, with 44 points, feels they would be a lot higher up the table were they able to score more.

Only Lucas Biglia was on target for Lazio, from the penalty mark on 45 minutes, ahead of a 85th minute Suso equaliser.

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"There’s a lot of regret,” Inzaghi said after the game.

“This was a game which was there to be won, with 23 shots and we only scored with a penalty. Milan have great players, we couldn’t make it 2-0 and Suso equalised at the end.

“It’s still a source of pride to see Lazio play like that. We’ve deserved to win the last two matches at the Olimpico, we got one goal against Chievo and Milan but that doesn’t tell the full story.

“Performances don’t always go well, we’ll analyse what went wrong and then focus on Empoli."

He added: "It was the same story against Chievo, we’re missing six or seven points that we should have had with Chievo, Milan and at Torino.

“The teams around us aren’t dropping anything, the other teams win. In another League, with the points we should have had, we’d be fourth if not third.”