Relegation tweet comes back to haunt Leicester fan Lineker

Former Leicester, Everton, Barcelona, and England striker Gary Lineker is well known for his prolific use of the social media site twitter, airing his views and making fun of people and events in the news.

The Match of the Day host’s serial tweeting has gotten him into trouble on more than one occasion in the past, while his fast mouth famously saw him end up presenting the show in his underwear after his beloved Leicester surprised everyone and won the Premier League back in May.

Now another of his old tweets has come back to haunt him.

The tweet dates back to October 2015 when Lineker tweeted a sarcastic message to Chelsea fans, as the then champions struggled near the foot of the Premier League just months after winning the title.

It read “Don’t panic Chelsea fans. No team in @premierleague history has won the title and been relegated the following season.”

He turned out to be right on that occasion, as Chelsea eventually turned things around after sacking Jose Mourinho.

But little did Lineker know back then that the tweet would be relevant again so soon, and to his own favourite team – who are hovering just one point above the relegation zone 10 months after winning the title.

Unsurprisingly, eagled eyed twitter user Ian McLoughlin was quick to remind Lineker of his online mocking.

But credit to Gary, he took it all in good humour.

Yes, Gary. We got to love Twitter!