US Liverpool fan gets bizarre Adam Lallana ‘llama’ tattoo

The story of how an American woman got a tattoo of Liverpool’s Adam Lallana as a “llama” on her thigh is almost as special as the tattoo itself.

Just when you think we’ve seen the limit of where crazy football fandom can reach, someone rides in on a 10-ton nuke and blows the line clear beyond the horizon. Today, that person happens to be a Liverpool fan.

How so, might you ask? How can a person really do something so crazy that we’d never have imagined it? They can get a tattoo of llama anthropomorphised to the likeness of Liverpool’s Adam Lallana.

Behold: “Adam Lallama”

Sky Sports claims to have gotten in contact with the Lallana/llama superfan, who identifies herself as Andreah De La Hoz from the U.S. Assuming that’s all above board, then De La Hoz says her thigh ink has a special meaning. One that extends beyond just an affinity for Lallana as a llama. According to Sky:

“I had a friend here in the United States that I introduced to Liverpool and Lallana was her favourite player when we signed him,” she said.
“I made the joke that his name sounded close to Llama, it annoyed her but she found it funny. She passed away, so that’s why I got the tattoo.
“My fiancé thinks it’s the funniest thing in the world and for me, it makes me smile every time I see it so I have no regrets.”
We can poke fun all we want, but as De La Hoz points out – no one can call her a fair weather fan now. Indeed!