Sarri: Higuain’s exit angered me

Napoli manager Maurizio Sarri has revealed that he was angry at striker Gonzalo Higuain for leaving to join Juventus, but still cares for him like a son.

Higuain smashed the Serie A's all-time scoring record while playing for Napoli last season, but then signed for arch-rivals Juventus in a €90m move.

The Argentine's departure was difficult for Sarri to deal with, but he insists he still thinks about him as a son.

"The moment of abandonment was a bad time. I expected that he could go to the Premier League, but not Juventus. That made it so much worse," he told Sky Sport Italia.

"For a while I didn't hear from him and, to be honest, I didn't want to hear from him. It's like when your son makes you angry: For a few days you feel like tearing into him, but at the end of the day he remains your son.

"He made a debatable choice, but that doesn't mean he's not a good man. Despite it all, I still feel about him the way I do a son who has made you angry, but you still care for him. I owe him a great deal."