Dzeko: They don’t criticise, they insult

Roma striker Edin Dzeko has revealed that he doesn’t receive constructive criticism in Italy, only insults.

The former Manchester City and Wolfsburg forward believes he was fairly criticised during his time in England, but doesn't feel the same about how he is treated at Roma.

Dzeko feels his critics in Rome simply wait for him to make a mistake so they can direct insults at him.

"In England there was less pressure," Dzeko told Il Messaggero.

"If you do not play well it is normal that they criticise you. But criticism is part of the game, so you accept it.

"At Roma it’s similar to with Bosnia, they do not criticise you, they insult you. So I'm used to it.

"At home, you will be OK three times, but if you miss a fourth time, the insults start again. It’s as if they are waiting for the right opportunity to hit you.

"I can just remember what I have seen and then I often think about how I do well throughout the match and then if I miss one chance, everyone talks about the miss. Only that."

Dzeko has scored a staggering 20 goals in only 29 games in all competitions for the Giallorossi this season.