Rivaldo: Coutinho would improve Barca

Brazilian legend Rivaldo believes it is likely the long-rumoured transfer of Liverpool playmaker Coutinho to Barcelona will go ahead at some point in the future.

Rivaldo, who himself played for the Catalans for five years, is confident the transfer could happen because of Barca's ability to attract the best players in the world, coupled with the fact he believes Coutinho would be an improvement on their current options.

"In my opinion, he's a great player and a player who knows Neymar well. I think they are both friends – players who stand out," he told Sky Sports News HQ.

"I think that this transfer might happen because Barcelona is always going to attract the best, isn't it?

"He is one of the players who stands out and I believe that this transfer – if he goes to Barcelona – would be a good thing for Barcelona for sure.

"He is a player who would definitely help Barcelona. Of course, Barcelona is a big club, but with a player like him, it would definitely be a big help."

Rivaldo also weighed in on the topic of players moving to the Chinese Super League for vast sums of money and admitted he probably would've moved to China if the same opportunity had presented itself during his career.

"Players in that situation think about their future don't they? About their children and about their family," he added.

"It's a unique opportunity for a player. Of course, he's already in a big club, but this is a unique opportunity and players will always think about the personal side of things.

"Just as the club, you know, the club will have to sell… when they are offered that much money, a club will certainly sell a player.

"So, it's the same for the player. And I sincerely think that I would calmly go to China."