Report: US, Canada, Mexico mulling 2026 World Cup joint bid

The US, Canada and Mexico are involved in informal talks about bidding to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup, according to reports.

The 2026 World Cup will be a special one as it will be the first time 48 teams will participate in the event after FIFA voted unanimously this week to add more teams to the competition. 

Victor Montagliani, a FIFA vice president and president of both the Canadian soccer federation and the CONCACAF region, believes that joint bids are likely to become a common occurrence in the future. 

"In some regions not only does it make more sense, it's the only sense," Montagliani told AP. "I think when more countries share [hosting] it's an opportunity to grow the game."

When asked if a three-way bid involving the United States, Canada and Mexico could come to fruition, Montagliani said: "It's definitely a possibility because the rules now allow for it. I also respect the fact that each country has the possibility to put on the World Cup [alone] and I think the discussions will happen quite soon as to what is our region is going to look like at this World Cup as I think it is an opportunity for CONCACAF."

With the World Cup having been expanded, there will be added pressure on the host nation or nations, which is something U.S. Soccer Federation president Sunil Gulati is well aware of. 

"It means the number of countries that can host it without building major infrastructure and stadiums is limited," Gulati said. 

Upon being asked about whether bidding could be accelerated should only three countries be interested in hosting the World Cup together, FIFA President Gianni Infantino said: "It is premature to discuss about it now."