Mourinho hails Pulis ahead of Prem clash

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho claims English managers are underrated and reserved special praise for West Bromwich Albion boss Tony Pulis.

Mourinho feels English managers at smaller club's have different targets and it's often overlooked when they overachieve at top-flight sides on smaller budgets.

The Red Devils boss claims the influx of high profile managers into the league has caused this negative perception from the English media.

"I think English managers are overlooked, because there are different kinds of profiles," Mourinho said in the pre-match press conference.

"If you manage big teams like we did – Real Madrid, Inter , Barcelona, Bayern, Juventus, Dortmund, obviously the targets are impossible targets for people like Pulis, [Alan] Pardew, [Mark] Hughes, [David] Moyes, all of them.

"Tony got trophies everywhere; in every club he got trophies. He did not get relegated with Stoke, that is a trophy. He did not get relegated with West Brom, it is another trophy. Not relegated with Palace, another trophy, and so on. He has lots of trophies, and by that I mean he reaches targets.

"Just like Sam [Allardyce], never relegated, it is a big trophy. You are not expecting Sam to be champion at the clubs he was managing.

"So, for me, yes, English managers are not looked at as they should be."