Guardiola: Success down to ‘amazing players’

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has once again made the admission that his success at previous clubs Barcelona and Bayern Munich was down to the high-calibre players at his disposal.

It has been suggested in the past that the Spaniard's hugely successful stint at the helm of Barcelona came as a result of having some of the world's best players.

And that assertion was repeated during his time in the Bundesliga with the Bavarians as he won three consecutive league titles with relative ease.

Having struggled for consistency this season, some pundits have suggested he will find it difficult to replicate his previous successes at the Etihad.

In an interview with Sky Sports pundit Thierry Henry, Guardiola said: "I will not have success? I will not have success.

"This happens to all of the managers – all the managers are sacked, all the managers win or lose, all the managers in November lose in the Premier League. All the managers in the world make mistakes.

"Do you think I am special or different? Of course not. But we were lucky, they said – we were lucky to have players like [Henry], like [Lionel] Messi, like Philipp Lahm, like Xabi Alonso, like [Robert] Lewandowski, and that's why I had success.

"When I won in Barcelona many times, I said many times in the press conference, 'We win because I have amazing players'. Huge club, amazing players. And the people say, 'Ah, he's humble. He is fake humble'.

"Now [they are telling me], 'He won because he had amazing players'. Yeah, that's true! I said years ago, it is normal!"

The Citizens are currently one point behind Arsenal in the Premier League standings, ahead of Sunday's highly-anticipated clash with the Gunners at the Etihad.