Ronaldo: Football Leaks has ruined my joy

Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo admits the recent accusations pertaining to the Football Leaks scandal have ruined his joy, in the wake of claiming his fourth Ballon d'Or.

The Portugal international has been accused of tax avoidance after the Football Leaks website published information relating to his image rights.

It is alleged the 31-year-old had used an Irish holding company to avoid Spain's stringent tax laws.

However, Ronaldo maintains his innocence, insisting he has nothing to hide.

"There are a lot of innocent people in prison, I feel a bit like that," he told France Football.

"Of course it (Football Leaks) has ruined my joy! I would be lying if I said no. I am not a hypocrite. I do not always say what I think because sometimes, it brings prejudice against me, but yes it certainly does not do me good.

"The entire process, and there is no need to say where it all started from, is hard not only for me but for the people who are by my side: my family, my son, everyone who works with me.

"My son goes to school. He is starting to understand things. All of this upsets me because I am trying to do things well, to be transparent."

He continued: "All you have to do is type Cristiano Ronaldo on the Internet and you know everything about me. I have no reason to lie.

"Everything is written about me, about my finances – what has come out upsets me because it is not true. The lies upset me.

"But I am a bit used to it, whether people are saying good or bad things about me. You have to live with it."