Dyche calls for retrospective diving ban

Burnley manager Sean Dyche has called for retrospective bans on players caught diving in the Premier League.

“It’s got to a level now that it’s that theatrical that I’m surprised people don’t just start laughing,” Dyche said.

Dyche said that many aspects of the game were undermined by the practice.

“I just can’t see it from a moral point of view, from a brand point of view, from the culture of the game and for the health of the game."

He told ESPN that the tactics were permeating lower levels of the game, with children seeking an advantage through "cheating."

The Burnley boss made the comments after Hull City player Robert Snodgrass apologised for a theatrical dive that won a penalty against Crystal Palace at the weekend.

He said tougher sanctions made by officials reviewing the action would stamp out diving.

“Introduce retrospective bans and it will be gone. Certain teams would have three or four players done immediately, from a warning in private to the manager, up to a three-game ban.”

Dyche said a group of experts should be appointed to investigate cases of simulation.

“It’s simple to officiate. You have a panel of experts and give out bans. Within six months the panel would be defunct because people wouldn’t be doing it anymore.

“I’m stunned it’s not been introduced.”

The Burnley boss told the Express that his club warns players off diving.

"There's been a couple gone down too easily this season, but I've pulled them and said that's not us."

"They get frustrated. They say: 'We do everything right and we get nothing.'"

"I told them to leave that to other people — that's not us, that's not what we do."

Burnley are currently 13th in the Premier League table.