Klopp hits back at Neville brothers

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has come to the defence of goalkeeper Loris Karius, following criticism from television pundits Gary and Phil Neville.

Karius had initially come under fire from former Manchester United star Gary, after a series of erratic performances for the Reds.

The keeper's subsequent response in a Sportsmail interview then reportedly did not go down well with Phil, who played for United from 2005 until 2013. The 39-year-old implied that the 23-year-old needed to keep quiet and focus on improving his game.

As such, Klopp has since responded to both Neville brothers at a press conference on Monday.

He told reporters: "My job is to protect the players as much as we can, but I can't do that when they're on the pitch.

"I'm not surprised about it (the criticism). In my first press conference I spoke about English media, and the pundits, the former players, forgot completely how it felt when they get criticised. Especially the Neville brothers, the one who was a manager (Gary), he should know.

"He’s not interested in helping a Liverpool player. I don't listen to them. Carra doesn't speak too much about United players, and the Neville brothers don't care much about Liverpool. Tell him I'm not on Twitter. If he wants me, Twitter doesn't help."