Carragher doubts Karius quality

Former Liverpool centre-back Jamie Carragher has cast doubt over the ability of goalkeeper Loris Karius and whether he is good enough for the Reds.

Karius let in a Dimitri Payet free-kick on Sunday as Liverpool dropped two points with a 2-2 draw against West Ham, and Carragher believes it should have been a simple save for a Premier League goalkeeper.

"The 'keeper got criticism last week and has come out and had a pop at Gary Neville and mentioned me and my advice would be: 'Shut up and just do your job,'" he told Sky Sports.

"And doing your job and answering your critics would be saving that [Payet's free-kick]. That is not difficult, I think the positioning is fine, he gets across and reads it well and he is there.

"And his wrists, again like the first goal at Bournemouth, are not strong enough. It is not even in the corner and Payet has not even hit it that hard.

"I have bigger problems with goals like that than mistakes, because mistakes happen, a 'keeper will drop one or do something stupid, every 'keeper does that.

"That to me, you look at goals like that and think: 'It should not go in, is the 'keeper good enough?'"

Carragher now feels manager Jurgen Klopp should bring second-choice gloveman Simon Mignolet back into the starting line-up.

He added: "The big decision now for the manager is whether to bring Mignolet back or does he stick with Karius? And right now, I would change to Mignolet."