AFF Suzuki Cup in Quotes: Shebby Singh butchers OKS

The AFF Suzuki Cup has been entertaining both on and off the pitch, and FOX Sports Asia has selected some of the best quotes from – and about – the competition.

“That is one question Ong Kim Swee has to answer – on what basis did he pick Darren Lok? On the basis of 45 minutes in the Premier League? I mean, it’s a joke. I’m saying it to Ong Kim Swee’s face, that his selection on that one particular player was a joke.” – Fox Sports’ own Shebby Singh blasts Malaysia’s selection process.

Shebby Singh is no fan of OKS.

“Do not insult the intellect of the Malaysian people!” – Shebby Singh is not having Ong Kim Swee’s claims that poor refereeing cost them at the Suzuki Cup.

“When you come out of the competition, if you have more questions than answers, then you should do the honourable thing. It means that you were not good enough, and no matter what excuse you will try to come up with, you know where you should go.” Shebby Singh left in no doubt regarding Ong Kim Swee’s Malaysia future.

“We are an unknown quantity and sometimes that works in your favour.” – Indonesia coach Alfred Riedl on his side’s surprise success.

“I think that the VFF should retain Huu Thang. He has done a magnificent job with the Vietnam national team. He is a very good coach but was just unlucky on the night.” – Indonesia coach Alfred Riedl offers support to his counterpart after his side defeated Vietnam in the semi-finals.

Kind words from Alfred Riedl about his opposite number.

“When Thailand play Myanmar it’s like a Porsche racing against a Volkswagen.” – Myanmar coach Gerd Zeise was under no illusions of the task facing his side in the semi-finals.

“Of course, that would be nice!” – Myanmar captain Yan Aung Kyaw responds to FOX Sports Asia’s suggestion of a new nickname: The Makelele of Myanmar

“While there are areas for improvement, which I will present in my report to the FAS Council, I am generally pleased with the attitude and dedication of our players. This is the best squad available.” – Singapore coach V. Sundramoorthy not in the mood for taking any blame after their group stage exit.

Don’t blame me!

“Most players do not pay attention to maintaining the strength and health. We cannot get good results because our players cannot play the full 90 minutes. I think all the players know this but they do not try. If they take care of their health and strength of course we’ll get good results.” – Cambodia coach Lee Tae-hoon did NOT take his side’s exit very well at all.