Leipzig’s Werner apologises for dive

RB Leipzig Timo Werner has admitted to, and apologise for, taking a dive in the Bundesliga leader's 2-1 win over Schalke on Saturday.

The Bullen continued their sensational start to the season with their win over the Miners, their 8th victory in a row in the league, to maintain a three point lead over defending champions at the top of the standings.

Werner opened the scoring from the penalty spot just two minutes in, in a controversial incident in which it appeared that he went to ground without being touched by goalkeeper Ralf Fahrmann.

While the striker admitted that the shot stopper never touched him, he claims he was impeded by Naldo earlier in his run and thought the referee had awarded the penalty for that infringement.

"All I can do is repeat what I said yesterday, that [Schalke defender] Naldo disrupted my run and therefore I lost control, which everybody could see," Werner told sport1.

"Of course it then not only looks like a dive, but it is one – full stop. If Ralf Fahrmann doesn't touch me, which I have always stated, then what else can it be?

"Up until when the referee showed Fahrmann the yellow card, I thought he had given it for Naldo's obstruction and that is why the referee had given the penalty.

"The Schalke players have confirmed that I told the referee that Fahrmann had not touched me so there is no more for me to say about it, other than that it was a bad thing for me to do and I'm sorry."