Wenger: Clubs are catching top UCL teams

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes the Premier League clubs are closing the gap on the top UEFA Champions League sides.

The Gunners are in position to top Group A in the Champions League, and will qualify for the knockout stage of the competition in first place if they beat Paris Saint-Germain on Wednesday night.

Wenger's charges have not progressed past the last-16 phase in the last six seasons, but the Frenchman believes they are catching up to the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich.

When asked in a press conference if the gap is closing, he said: "I feel that, yes. Man City winning against Barcelona, we have an opportunity to show it against Paris Saint-Germain.

"Everywhere you go, the difference in the Champions League, the teams all play football. In the Premier league, even if you have 80 percent possession, you can still lose the game. The pressure on the Premier League games is today massive in the Premier League.

"I must say that I watched Real Madrid against Atletico Madrid on Saturday and I was impressed by them. They looked at the moment to be the most dangerous side."