Klopp: Title isn’t won in November

Manager Jurgen Klopp has played down the significance of Liverpool being at the top of the Premier League table at this stage in the campaign.

The Reds moved to the top of the table a fortnight ago after a 6-1 demolition of Watford, but Klopp played down the significance of his side's league position so early in the season.

"All what we do in December, January, February is preparing and creating a basis for the rest of the season," he told the media ahead of his side's trip to Southampton on Saturday.

"Nothing is decided. Teams maybe want to be champion but end up sixth because they played a good season but so many other teams played a very good season.

"I am pretty sure early in the season the other teams knew already we were not the worst team in the Premier League.


"I shouldn't sound too confident but I have no idea what they (opponents) think and I don't care.

"We try to do our job and we have done it until now and we have to do it in the next few weeks, which will be very intensive."

After claiming 23 points from their last nine Premier League games, a run which has seen the Merseysiders go unbeaten since their defeat to Burnley in August, the Reds went into the break with the wind in their proverbial sails.

"Momentum is something you can talk about after the game and then we can say we have to use the momentum again but nobody knows how it works," Klopp continued.

"What's momentum before the game? Let's try to do our best, let's try to play football, let's try to do what we spoke about, let's try to use what we saw when we prepared for the game and all that stuff.

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"The momentum is not something you have to talk about before the game so I don't think about it. It's the same situation for all the other teams too.

"I only try to describe our situation because you asked about difficulties ahead of this game but it's the same for all the teams – even Southampton: (Jose) Fonte played for Portugal, I don't know where, they have a lot of players who were on the road too so it's no advantage, no disadvantage, it's like it is.

"After international breaks it's a special situation. Usually you have the players here, you can see how they feel, but even then they can get injuries in training.

"But it feels different when you see them playing and cannot see them playing."