Pulis confirms Berahino return

West Bromwich Albion manager Tony Pulis says forward Saido Berahino has returned to the club and is ready to start playing football in the English Premier League again.

Berahino's publicised fall-out with the Baggies started when a £20million move to Tottenham was halted by the club who wanted to keep their academy graduate at all costs.

However, the decision proved to backfire against Pulis and the club as the talented forward's form signifcantly dropped over the past year, with lack of motivation and weight issues cited for his downfall.

Now, after being sent to France to 'get his head right', along with a new fitness programme, Pulis says Berahino is ready to make up for lost time.

"When he looks back on this stage of his career he will see this as a void – and one which should have been avoided," he told the Daily Star.

"The guy I sent him to in France is a good guy and gives it to you straight. Saido seems to be more focussed.

"I've had a good chat with him. He looks a lot brighter and sharper. The next step is to get him some games. Physically he looks good but the most important thing for Saido now is to unravel who is giving him good advice.

"Sometimes he gets a bit confused with that. He has to work it out for himself. The most important thing for him now is football

"He's got a god-given talent and he's got to get the most out of that.

"He's trained all this week but he needs games now. He looks sharp and mentally he's a lot clearer in his mind."