Asprilla: Ronaldo is damaging James

Faustino Asprilla says James Rodriguez has picked up on Cristiano Ronaldo's antics during matches and is now displaying those same "gestures" to opponents.

The former Newcastle United and Colombia winger went as far as saying that Rodriguez's close relationship with the Portuguese star is damaging his friend.

Speaking after Colombia's 3-0 World Cup qualifying defeat to Argentina, Asprilla told ESPN Deportes: "James is my friend and I love him a lot.

"But I can see that his friendship with Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid is damaging him.

"He now has the same gestures as Ronaldo when he doesn't get the ball. 

"Ronaldo makes gestures at everyone when he doesn't get the ball, and James is doing the same with Colombia."

James showed his frustration to Colombian teammate Eder Balanta after not being passed the ball, which is something Asprilla says is not acceptable.

"Near the start of the game he gave out to Balanta because he didn't pass him the ball," he said.

"James needs to improve with his teammates because he is playing in a team with many youngsters, and nobody stands up to him.

"In another team, he would get a slap. In my team nobody would have stood for it."

He added: "Everyone can have disagreements with their teammates, but to make such gestures when they do not pass you ball is the ugliest thing a player can do.

"It is what Cristiano Ronaldo does every week."