Asprilla: Ronaldo is a bad influence on James

Colombia legend Faustino Asprilla believes Cristiano Ronaldo has a poor attitude on the pitch and that is influencing Real Madrid team-mate James Rodriguez negatively.

Asprilla criticised James after Colombia's 3-0 World Cup qualification defeat at the hands of Argentina, in a game that saw the 25-year-old arguing with team-mates and the referee.

"Lately what I am seeing is that James' friendship with Ronaldo is damaging him," Asprilla told ESPN.

"When they do not give Cristiano the ball he gesticulates to everyone. James has the same gestures with Colombia when they do not give him the ball.

"He waves his arms at his team-mates. At the start of the game he scowled at Eder Balanta and made a gesture.

<> on May 10, 2013 in Collecchio, Italy.

"The first thing James needs to do is help his team-mates improve because he is playing in a team of youngsters who respect him and no one dares say anything to him.

"But in another team they would give him a slap. At least in the Colombia side I played in we would not stand for it. It is all a bit ugly.

"It is normal to argue with the referee and quarrel with rival players, but with your team-mates it is not.

"You can quarrel, but doing it because one of your team-mates did not pass the ball is the ugliest thing you can do as a footballer.

"He has picked up that habit from Ronaldo, who does it all the time."