Courtois eases fears over ‘scary’ eye

Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has moved to allay concerns caused by his bloodshot eye, stating it is merely a burst blood vessel and insisting it is not impacting his form.

Courtois was on the bench for Belgium's 1-1 draw with the Netherlands on Wednesday as he was recovering from a stomach bug and photographs of the player revealed a severely bloodshot left eye, raising concerns among Chelsea and Belgium fans alike.

However, the shot stopper insisted it was nothing too serious, recounting how he had fallen ill and had burst a blood vessel in his eye while vomiting, which caused the bloodshot appearance.

"After the Manchester United game I came home and got sick," he told Sky Sports HQ.

"I had to vomit a few times and you force yourself, and it was just a vein that popped in my eye.

"It looks scary. It was the Halloween period so then it was okay but now it's not going away. They said 10 days and it's already been two and a half weeks but it doesn't affect me in the game.

"Some pictures look worse than it is. There's nothing to do about it."