Kane: We have to keep our cool

Harry Kane has urged England not to let things go past boiling point when they take on Scotland in their World Cup qualifier on Friday. 

Kane made his comeback from injury for Tottenham Hotspur against Arsenal over the weekend and could be included in the starting line-up for the clash against Scotland. 

While England will be determined to defeat their neighbours and stay atop the Group F standings, Kane reiterated that they mustn’t allow things to go overboard. 

“We're just concentrating on winning the game. Gareth [Southgate] will do everything he can to win the game,” he said. “All we can do is our jobs on the pitch. We've got more than enough to win the game.

“You don't want to be booked early on and get sent off. If you can keep a cool head, but still have passion, it should be very good for us. All we can do is fight and work hard as a team.

“We're definitely up for the game. We can't wait. We have to use the atmosphere and positive energy to our advantage. It's not like another game where if you lose, it can get forgotten. We know Scottish players and friends who will make it heard if they beat us.”

Kane also firmly believes that he should be part of the starting XI as he proved his fitness in Tottenham’s 1-1 draw with the Gunners, in which he scored the equaliser in the 51st minute after Kevin Wimmer’s own goal just three minutes prior to half-time. 

“I think the fact I was fit for Sunday was the test to see if I was fit enough to come away with England,” he said. “I felt good, sharp and not too bad fitness-wise. There was no reason not to come away as long as my injury is managed well and I keep doing the rehab it shouldn't be a problem.”