Reds to reassess Anfield plans

Liverpool owner John Henry says the club will have to reassess their plans for any further development at Anfield as a result of fan protests over increased ticket prices.

The main part of the protest came in the form of 10,000 fans walking out during a Premier League game against Sunderland last season, leading the club to apologise to supporters and reverse the decision.

Liverpool's main stand has already been redeveloped but the next phase of the expansion, that includes the expansion of the Anfield Road stand, might have to be reconsidered.

"I don't know if there is a next step because ticket prices are an issue in England," Henry said. "That may foreclose further expansion. We'll have to see."

Liverpool CEO Ian Ayre added in FC Business magazine: "The way we managed the Main Stand expansion was great and we will continue in a similar vein to be cautious and not promise anything until we are ready to deliver.

"We will come along with planning if and when we have the right design and economic model.

"Once we have these parts in place, we will let people know."