Focus on Harry Kane

Harry Kane, winner of the Premier League Golden Boot in May, continued his poor start to the season with a quiet and lacklustre performance in Tottenham’s 2-1 defeat to Monaco in the Champions League on Wednesday.

The 23-year-old scored his first goal of the season in Spurs’ 4-0 win over Stoke in the Premier League on Saturday but failed to build on it at Wembley.

Here, we take an in depth look at his performance against Monaco.

Risk of Burnout

Speaking earlier in the week Gary Lineker said he was worried Kane could burnout. He 22 goals for his club in the Premier League last season but the strength in front of goal he showed seems to have been lost somewhere between finishing the season third and the poor performances by England in France.

In Kane’s first-half performance he appeared heavy-footed, failed to run back and tackle when he lost the ball and struggled to get past the Monaco defence but his second-half performance was much more like what Spurs and England fans have come to expect from him.


Kane often looked like a man who had lost confidence over the summer and so far is struggling to find it back.

His first half performance saw him have the ‘least amount of influence’ in his team according to the match statistics yet it was Son Heung-min, who had at least had a chance on goal, that was replaced at half-time.

Kane seemed to pick up the pace a little in the second half, but his creativity did not improve and fans grew increasingly frustrated.

Overall Impression
Kane’s first-half performance was very quiet for a forward who is usually involved in numerous Tottenham attacks.

His first attempt on goal went well wide under no pressure from the Monaco defence and he struggled to pick out his team-mates, messing up easy passes.

In the second half he appeared more energised but still continued to struggle, with a late chance going begging.

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