Neymar set to launch music career

Having conquered the football world, Brazilian superstar is ready for his next big challenge: starting his own music career.

The Barcelona forward announced via social media that he will release his first single ‘Neymusico’ later this week – much to the surprise of his fans.

The announcement came just hours after Barca were defeated by minnows Alaves, who were recently promoted to La Liga for the first time in a decade.

In English: “This Wednesday I begin my music career and I’m going to release my first song on Facebook. We will have ‘Neymusico.’ Share it.”

The Olympic gold medallist has always been a big music fan, and has been taking piano lessons for a few years now, although if this video is anything to go by, his skills on the keys don’t quite match his prowess on the football field yet:

And let’s not forget there’s still the small matter of his actual career to think of – the one that pays the bills. With Barcelona having just suffered a shock defeat, it might not have been the best time to announce this latest endeavour.

Still, best of luck Neymar.