De Bruyne: Pep changed my position

Manchester City playmaker Kevin De Bruyne has revealed that new head coach Pep Guardiola has totally changed the dynamic of the club and his position.

De Bruyne arrived at the Etihad last season for a club record fee of £55 million from Bundesliga side Wolfsburg and excelled in an attacking midfield role and on occasion as a winger.

His 17 goals and 16 assists firmly established him as one of the best playmakers in the Premier league and now he's spoken of the influence of Guardiola on the team and his role with the Citizens.

"It has been a good three weeks for us," De Bryune told Sky Sports ahead of the Manchester derby. "The way we try to play is very positive and it's really enjoyable for the players to play in this kind of system, where you play nice football. It helps also when you win.

"My position is totally different from last year. It's not too defensive, but I know I will be more of a creator but have to help my teammates up front more to get them the ball. They will do more of the finishing this year but I really enjoy it so far.

"We want to try and dominate the game but in England you will never do that for a full 90 minutes," he added. "We try to do that. It's very positive the way we play.

"People see a lot of differences, and we are doing really well at the moment.

"[Pep] is concerned about everything, every detail and you have to be on the edge as a player. If the manager asks for something on or off the pitch, you just need to adjust to what he wants."