Postecoglou: The boys were fantastic

Ange Postecoglou heaped praise on his charges following Australia’s gritty 1-0 away win over the UAE on Tuesday.

The result was crucial for their 2018 World Cup qualifying hopes, as it sees the Socceroos move to the top of Group B with two wins from two outings.

Tuesday’s match in UAE was played in sweltering conditions, but Postecoglou revealed his men handled it better than the home team.

“We said we were going to play our way and we did,” said the Greek after the match.

“They just couldn’t keep up and we got the goal we deserved and probably could have got a couple more. The boys were fantastic.

“We were tired but they were more tired. They were chasing the ball. As I said to the players, it’s not how you feel, it’s how the opposition feel.

“And we could see from the bench they were struggling a lot more than we were. It was only a matter of time and the kind of game we play…I said before the game they’ll sit back and that’s what they did. And if they want to come at us, good luck to them but not many teams have. And there’s more growth in this team to come.”

Postecoglou then issued a warning to their next opponent, Saudi Arabia, who they face in Jeddah on 6 October in what could be similar conditions.

“Every game we play that’s what our opponents have to expect and it’s up to them to try and stop us,” he continued.

“We’ll set our stall and play our football and if the opposition is good enough to stop us then good luck to them. But we’ll certainly approach the game the same.

“We respect every opponent we play and we prepare the same way and we’ll be ready for the next game.”