Infantino wants 40-team World Cup

FIFA president Gianni Infantino has reiterated his desire to see the World Cup expanded to 40 teams and played across several countries.

The current format sees the world’s best 32 teams compete in a single country, but Infantino feels the tournament, as a “social event for the whole world”, should rather be shared.

The idea of a 40-team World Cup stemmed from Infantino’s campaign prior to being elected in February but doesn’t hold the power to change the format on his own.

Speaking on Tuesday, he said: “My opinion has not changed on the 40 teams, but that’s my opinion. We will have to discuss it and see what’s the best for football.

“For the moment, everything is open, but there is a question of who can and cannot bid, we will see.

“CONCACAF (North and Central America and the Caribbean) didn’t have a World Cup for a long time. Nothing is definite. I believe in the 40 teams because I think it is positive for the development of football and we have seen that again at the Euro 2016 in France with eight more teams.

“We need to realise that these kinds of events, like the World Cup or European Championship, are more than just a competition, they are really social events for the whole world.

“What is important is that the whole process is done in a correct way, a transparent way.”

A decision by FIFA is expected to be made by October 2016.