Shaw hoping to beat injury-prone rep

Manchester United defender Luke Shaw wants to be remembered for his footballing ability rather than the trouble's had with injury so far in his career.

The 21-year-old has only recently returned to action after nearly a year on the sidelines following a double leg break in the Red Devils' Champions League match against PSV last September.

However, he has shown his class by hitting the ground running and is quickly making the left-back position his own.

Shaw's early-season form earned him a call-up to Sam Allardyce's first England squad for the World Cup qualifier against Slovakia on Sunday and the youngster is now keen to move away from being known as the young player with potential who broke his leg.

"Of course I don't want people to know me as the left-back who broke his leg when he was young," he said. "I want to be winning trophies, not just with United but with England as well.

"I want to be winning trophies, not just with United but with England as well.

"I want them to know me for how I play on the pitch and for how many trophies I hopefully win.

"I don't mind answering questions about my leg. I think sometimes people don't like talking about it, but I'm not bothered.

"I wasn't bothered watching videos of it or pictures of my leg. That might sound a bit weird but I feel comfortable talking about it because now I feel stronger than ever.

"At first I did start thinking 'am I really like this?' But it's my leg at the end of the day.

"Obviously I went through a bad time during the leg break but I came through that stronger as a person. Now it does not faze me."