Felipe: My mind is on Lazio now

Aung Thu at Muangthong United

Gold-medalist Filipe Anderson has returned to Italy following his Olympic success in his native Brazil, saying that he's ready to focus on his club's Serie A campaign.

After playing his part in Brazil's victory in the global showpiece's football event, the Lazio playmaker says that his priorities are now firmly with the Biancocelesti despite there being friction between himself and the club about his involvement in the tournament.

"I'm glad to have won the Olympics, it was my dream and all of Brazil's, from the players to the people," he told Laziopress. "I've already celebrated with my family, but now I want to think about Lazio.

"The final against Germany was the most beautiful night in my life. My loved ones were at the stadium and all of the fans were chanting. We made history.

"All of my teammates at Lazio congratulated me, in any case we heard each other daily because I wanted to know how the training camp was going.

"I can't wait to hug them again. I'm very driven and I worked hard in Brazil. I'm grateful to Lazio for having given me this opportunity.

"Now all I want is to focus on Lazio and train hard, starting from today. I don't know if I'll already be on the pitch against Juventus, this is a decision for the coach. In any case I'm ready.

"I'm hoping this year to give the Biancocelesti fans a great joy, we all want to win."