Lucescu: Challenging time ahead for de Boer

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Former Inter Milan manager Mircea Lucescu has highlighted the issues Frank de Boer will face as he takes over at a Nerazzurri side desperate for direction.%u200B%u200B

The Zenit St. Petersburg boss believes that in order to succeed in Milan, de Boer will need to prize flexibility over a predetermined set of ideas and strategies.

The former Serie A giants started their league campaign with a 2-0 loss to Chievo on Sunday, which was not as unexpected as it might seem on paper, given the state of chaos the club has been in since the acrimonious departure of Roberto Mancini earlier in August.

"Of course, you find yourself picking up a team on the run, so it's very hard to fix the things that are going wrong and bringing in your ideas," Lucescu told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"If there's a winning structure, then the best thing is to maintain it as much as possible and provide some slight changes over time," he added.

De Boer's decision to play a three-man defence against Chievo did raise some eyebrows, especially given his lack of experience in Italy.

"I won't discuss this subject," Lucescu said, diplimatically. "All I can say is that a Coach should not join a team with a formation already in his mind. Rather he should adapt to the quality of the players he finds, and choose the right tactical set-up.

"And a knowledge of the championship is extremely important. Especially in Italy, where things are difficult because there's great balance, even when you don't expect it.

"De Boer is a man of football, with an international resume that speaks for itself. If the team helps him, he can affirm himself," the Romanian added.