Mark Clattenburg got inked up to commemorate refereeing two finals

Mark Clattenburg is widely considered one of the best soccer referees on the planet. It’s because of this that he’s able to referee such high-profile matches. Not surprisingly, it’s also why he’s often among the most-hated officials.

Regardless of what fans think of him, Clattenburg is rated highly by UEFA, so he often gets to take control of the biggest finals in the confederation. Just this past year, he helmed the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid and the Euro 2016 final between France and Portugal.

Lest you ever forget that fact, Clattenburg went ahead and got tattooed to serve as a reminder.

Yep, those are some big ol’ tattoos to commemorate him being the lead official in both finals. Tattoo artist Mick Mahon posted the photos on her shop’s Facebook page earlier this week. It’s an… interesting approach from Clattenburg.

Those massive logos are on his forearms, which will be exposed and prominent during matches. So, what happens if he gets another final? Will he keep adding to the logo inventory? His arms would wind up looking like an old-time suitcase or the rear fender of someone with a bumper-sticker obsession.

Those are just the beginning of our questions…