Official Adidas store drops big Pogba hint

Need more proof that the Paul Pogba transfer is practically a done deal? The official Adidas store might just have provided it.

Pogba still isn’t a Manchester United player, but the transfer has looked inevitable for weeks now and will most likely be finalized as soon as Pogba returns from his vacation in the United States.

If there is even an inkling of doubt remaining in anyone’s mind whether or not this deal will really happen, look no further than the official Adidas shop in Paris, where Juventus No. 10 shirts are already being sold with a new name on the back: Paulo Dybala’s.

Adidas, who also sponsor Man United, seem to already know what we all … also pretty much know. Pogba will be a Red Devil in a matter of days, probably for a world record transfer fee, and we’re pretty sure we know what number he’ll be wearing at Old Trafford, too.

And no, Pogba Man United kits were not on sale at this Paris store, though they might as well be. If you’re gonna jump the gun, why not go all the way?